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Module 0: Open Training Forum

WaterFurnace Trainers will answer questions on geothermal in an open forum. They can cover installation, technical, software and any other question or discussion concerning geothermal. This open forum will not qualify for GeoPro training. No fee.

Module 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting covers many introductory and refresher topics to prepare a technician to perform diagnostics on our equipment. This course covers loop types, basic geothermal heat pump principles, and the refrigeration cycle. The course also includes how to troubleshoot a geothermal heat pump from the water and refrigeration systems, leak detection, TXV diagnosis, reversing valves, and other water source heat pump components. Basic component replacement is discussed, as well as controls and air and water-side analysis. This one day class is the perfect course for a new technician or a seasoned technician looking to brush up on skills. NATE credits are available. Fee: $125.00 per person.

  • Understanding Product Nomenclature
  • Introduction to Loops
  • Basic geothermal heat pump principles
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Refrigeration Cycle
  • Basic Waterside Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
  • AID tool introduction

8 hours

Module 2: Variable Speed Certification

This required class is specifically designed to give technicians a thorough understanding of the Variable Speed (VS) equipment. This highly informative and feature rich one day class covers a wide range of topics specific to the VS models including split systems and much more. The class discusses variable speed pumping, using the AID tool locally and through Symphony/AWL, thermostats and low voltage, ECM motors, ABC and AXB control integration, AWL, and the installation with the IntelliZone2 Zoning System. This course also covers VS specific control operations, diagnostics, VS compressor application and troubleshooting. Attendees will be required to pass a written test (online or in-person), NATE credits are available. Prerequisite Requirement "Module 5" Advanced Residential Controls unless already certified by WFI. Fee: $125.00 per person.

  • VS Equipment Training required for 7 Series purchase & warranty parts ordering
  • ABC-Aurora Base Control Integration
  • AXB-Aurora Expansion Board Integration
  • AID Tool, Symphony, and Symphony Contractor Connect Interface & Diagnostics
  • HE/HR Waterside Diagnostics
  • VS specific IntelliZone2 Zoning application

8 hours

Module 5: Advanced Residential Controls (ARC)

Module 3: Product Information

Description coming soon

Module 4: Flow Centers and Flushing

This one day module will cover the basics of flow center selection and sizing with GDS pressure drop calculator demonstration, basic installation practices, troubleshooting, pump slaving, impact of water quality on pump life and warranty. This class also includes flushing of both pressurized and non-pressurized flow centers as well as antifreeze selection and safety practices. NATE credits will be issued.

  • Installation procedures
  • Pump sizing and selection
  • Basics of pressurized and non-pressurized flow centers
  • Fixed Speed Flow Center troubleshooting
  • Variable Speed Flow Center troubleshooting
  • GDS software demo
  • WaterFurnace pump sizing software 4.6 Demo
  • Flushing procedures and antifreeze safety

8 hours

Module 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Module 5: Advanced Residential Controls (ARC)

This advanced course is a pre-requisite for Module 2, Variable Speed Certification Course.. This very complete course covers the Aurora Controls System in detail and includes Intellizone2, AWL, and Symphony systems. This one day course is not only for the technician in the field but also useful for the designer and sales professional looking to improve their product knowledge. The course includes useful in-depth information on the ABC, AXB, Intellizone2, Symphony/AWL and AID Tool for system design, installation, and troubleshooting. A few of the topics covered are installation, safety features, modes of operation, configuration, high and low voltage wiring, thermostats, low voltage accessories and dampers. We also provide Advanced control operation which includes pump linking, multiple units, smart desuperheater operation, and advanced monitoring. Remote monitoring of energy usage and performance monitoring is covered, along with home automation integration. Even if you're not a technician, this class will give you a complete understanding of the Aurora Control systems! Fee: $125.00 per person. NATE credits will be issued. Suggested (but not required) pre-requisite for this course is Module 1, Basic Troubleshooting.

  • ABC, AXB and AID Tool Information
  • Advanced Control Operation
  • Pickit3 Software update demonstration
  • Installation and Wiring
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics demo with AWL

8 hours

Module 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Module 6: IntelliZone2 & IntelliZone2 24 Volt

The IntelliZone2 module is a one day class designed not only for troubleshooting the system but also for the design, application, and installation of IntelliZone2. Topics covered are design considerations, utilizing the GeoLink Design Studio software, and IntelliZone2 calculation software. The class will also introduce the various thermostats and controls used in the system, dampers, and other system components. Installation is a major portion of the class with instruction on configuring the system with the Aurora control. This class will cover system start-up and check-out, basic homeowner instruction, and troubleshooting the system. This class is a great choice for technicians, installers, designers, and sales professionals. NATE credits are available. No Fee.

  • Set up and configuration of controls
  • Design Considerations
  • Intellizone2 Simulator demo
  • Intellizone2 Design software demo
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hands on training with live controls
  • Installation procedures

8 hours

Module 7: General Installation and Basic Flushing Procedures

This one day module is geared for installers, install managers, and start-up personnel. Topics will cover model nomenclature and general installation methodology, including duct and fitting considerations, duct attachment at equipment and how it impacts overall system efficiency, and horizontal and vertical equipment installation considerations. Start-up procedures including airflow verification and proper static measurement during start-up, how to use blower charts, open loop topics, desuperheater installation considerations, AUX heat kits, line set sizing, and refrigerant charging for geo-split systems.

Other topics include basic flushing & purging procedures and antifreeze handling and safety. Time will be allowed for a Q&A session at end of class on topics covered. NATE credits are available. No Fee.

  • Model Introduction and General Installation Methods
  • Duct considerations
  • Startup Procedures
  • General Loop Installation (Not a Loop Installation Course)
  • Split System Information
  • Basic Flushing and Purging

8 hours

Module 8: Air Side Diagnostics

This one day course is intended for lead installers, installation managers, service technicians and sales staff. All will benefit from this training on the fundamentals of proper airflow on a residential HVAC system and how it relates to equipment performance, energy savings, warranty, indoor comfort and, most of all, consumer satisfaction. Designed primarily as a retrofit class, many of the topics covered also relate to proper new construction duct strategy. Topics covered include checking static pressure correctly, friction rate and how to use the duct slide rule properly, how to size and select the proper supply and return grilles and maximizing system performance by just changing a few fittings in the mechanical room. Course materials include ACCA Manual D, Duct Slide Rule (in person only), and class handouts with in-class exercises and scenario discussions. NATE credits are available. No Fee.

  • Troubleshooting System Flow
  • Pressure Drop & Friction Rate Formulas
  • OEM Footnotes
  • Introduction to Manual D
  • Supply & Return Air Strategies
  • Classroom Exercises & Worksheets

8 hours

Module 9: Academy Class

This four day class covers most information from all the offered modules and is held at our corporate headquarters (Fort Wayne, IN only). This is a very comprehensive hands-on class with all offered residential equipment and a factory tour. This class is geared toward technicians new to geothermal heat pumps but is also very beneficial as a refresher course for even the most seasoned technician, installer, salesperson, and company management personnel. NATE credits are available.

  • Hands on in-depth troubleshooting on live ducted equipment
  • Installation training on WaterFurnace residential forced air equipment line
  • IntelliZone2 training/diagnostics/setup
  • Thermostat set up
  • Live flushing demo/training
  • Flow Center set up and troubleshooting
  • Open loop set up
  • Water-Side diagnostics and trouble-shooting
  • Fusion training and certification
  • Factory tour

4 days

This course is only held in Fort Wayne, IN at WFI Headquarters

Module 10: WaterFurnace Earth Loop Design

Description coming soon

Module 11: Residential Earth Loop Design IGSHPA

This three day class meets the requirements for IGSHPA Accredited Installer certification. Class covers a wide variety of topics including design and material options, system layout, pipe joining techniques, trenching and drilling processes, air and debris purging, pressure drop calculations, pump and fluid selection, thermal conductivity, start-up, performance, and troubleshooting. There will be two written tests for this course. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the tests, students will receive an IGSHPA Accredited Installer Certificate and a fusion certificate. Fee: $600 per person.

  • Pressure drop/pump sizing
  • Flushing/purging the system
  • Fusion certification
  • Site Survey
  • Soil Classifications
  • Closed Loop Guidelines
  • Loop types
  • 3 days

Module 12: Symphony AWL

This ½ day Symphony AWL course will cover many interesting topics useful for installers, technicians, designers, and sales professionals. Basic topics covered include features, equipment compatibility, updating software, and router connection. Step-by-step instructions on connecting the system to the web utilizing laptops and smart-phones, software updates ' including use of the PIC tool and USB drives, customer registration and information will be covered in detail. In addition, dealer log-in and remote AID/troubleshooting will be discussed. NATE credits are available. No Fee.

  • Features and Applications
  • Software Updates
  • Step-by-Step Setup and Registration Procedures
  • Remote AID Tool/Troubleshooting Live Demonstration
  • 4 hours

Module 13: Fusion Procedures and Certification

This ½ day fusion training class will specifically cover HDPE pipe fusion. Fusion theory and socket fusion procedures will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated. There will be a written test and a practical/hands-on test in order to receive fusion certification. NATE credits are available. No Fee.

  • Hands on fusion training & certification
  • Techniques and tips for successful field applications
  • 36-month WFI certification for completing class.
  • Troubleshooting and fusion defect recognition techniques
  • 4 hours

Module 14: On-Site “Dealer’s Choice” One Day Class

This training course consists of information and topics suggested and requested by a dealer. The Dealer’s Choice module can include topics such as refrigeration, installation, air-side diagnostics, or any other technical or residential applications that the dealer requests. This module can be performed at a dealer’s place of business or other convenient location. This is YOUR class and is tailored to your specific needs.


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