WaterFurnace Training: Smarter from the Ground Up™
WaterFurnace: Smarter from the Ground Up.

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Class Schedule

Course Descriptions

Training Staff

NATE Certification Credits

NATE Certification Credits

WaterFurnace Responsibility

WaterFurnace International will provide a NATE signup sheet at the beginning of each class, assist students with filling out the form, and send attendance records to NATE within 60 days.

Students Responsibility

Students should log onto NATE website and click on "My NATE: Login or Sign Up" at top right. Login with your username & password – click on tab labeled "Course History" to view if course hours have been added to your record. If you have not previously created a login, you will need an activation code or pin to create a username and password for My NATE (www.mynate.org). If you need assistance, contact NATE at 877-420-6283 or asknate@natex.org.

Special Notes

You will not receive any correspondence from NATE or our Training Department regarding the submittal of your attendance at this training. It is your responsibility to keep your various NATE certifications current and verify your receipt of continued education credits.

Specialty – "Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Installer" only earns NATE continued education credits when taking IGSHPA training.

Course Names & Numbers

Course Name: Residential Forced Air Equipment Training (RT2)
Course #: 3164-0001 Heat Pump

Gas Furnace Service4 hours
Gas Furnace Installation4 hours
AC Service10 hours
AC Installation10 hours
Heat Pump Service10 hours
Heat Pump Installation10 hours

Course Name: Residential Hydronic Equipment Training (RT3)
Course #: 3164-0004 Heat Pump

Air to Air Heat Pump Installation4 hours
Air to Air Heat Pump Service4 hours
Hydronic Gas Installation16 hours
Hydronic Gas Service16 hours
Hydronic Oil Installation16 hours
Hydronic Oil Service16 hours

Course Name: Customizable One Day Training (RT7)
Course #: 3164-0002 Heat Pump

Heat Pump Service4 hours
Heat Pump Installation4 hours
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